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The Difference of Real Love and Just Amazed


Regarding love, truly falling in love or just being interested and just being impressed is quite difficult to distinguish. Feelings of attraction and admiration are feelings of fondness for someone passionately. This feeling is very similar to the feeling of love. Although the two are similar, both have significant differences.

A psychologist said, “Being in love or just being amazed for a moment is very similar. Many people cannot tell the difference. ”

Real Difference in Falling in Love and being Amazed


When interested or impressed with someone, we will be very crazy about it. We will continue to imagine his figure. This condition will also be felt when we fall in love. However, there is a difference between just being interested and real love.

Regarding feelings of attraction, this will make someone obsessed with having someone they like. Feelings of attraction usually occur to anyone, including people we don’t know well. Feelings of attraction arise when we know the goodness of the figure alone. We can feel very fond of someone we might not know or know before.

As for true love, we will like someone for who he is. We also know the person well. We will fall in love with someone even though we know very well how good and bad that person is. Falling in love is a form of acceptance and appreciation in our hearts for him who keeps feeling thumping.

Love is a deeper, stronger, more accepting, and greater feeling. Love symbolizes the connection that views the person as a whole. Besides being attracted, there is also a feeling of caring, appreciating, and loving.

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Entrepreneurs and Relationships An Emotional Minefield


I love my family and friends.

And, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am in my entrepreneurship-focused path right now without their presence and strong support over the years – especially when things got challenging, uncertain, and downright scary.

As humans, we’re definitely not meant to face life and it’s challenges alone – we are designed to be social animals that thrive on interdependence. We tend to operate optimally within the context of a larger tribe.

Ok, now the feel-good, politically correct version is out of the way.

Your closest friends and family members can absolutely be the most dangerous minefield you will have to traverse on your quest towards living on your own terms – crafting a lifestyle built around what truly makes you come alive.

How’d that feel? Probably not great, right?

Okay. Fine, you might have a negative reaction to reading that, but sometimes ripping off the bandage of the “feel good” version of the story can save you gobs of heartache and wasted breath later on, so listen up.

How many of the following scenarios have you found yourself facing, in your desire to break out of the norm and pursue a completely different course for your life?


Picture this – Your parents are both highly successful and respected professionals in their field. They might be doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers, or college professors – whatever. The point is, they made a decision to follow a clearly defined path to traditional success and it worked out for them.

So it worked out for them and they got all the trappings of a stable and socially acceptable career – Promotions, 401k plans, fancy titles, vacation time, etc. Hell, maybe they even deviated from the prescribed path and started their own business, built around the skills they had developed within their field.

I still remember the look on my dad’s face when I told him I had no intention to apply to Law School, and would instead be buying a one-way ticket to South America in an effort to shake things up.

The hardest part of that conversation with my dad wasn’t his direct criticism or negative commentary.

It was the deafening silence.

Where once there was plenty of support and encouragement, I was now on my own, with no parental safety net. Would I go back and change that decision if I could?

Not a chance in hell.

“It is in our moments of decision that our destinies are shaped.”
-Anthony Robbins

I believe that the path to truly OWNING your life’s destiny is defined by difficult, often unpopular decisions.

The more we try to convince those around us that a decision is right for us, the more resistance we tend to encounter, and we weaken our own internal signal – the only one we need to listen to.


I still remember a painful breakup that I had to initiate, due to deep dissatisfaction with the direction my life was headed.

Here was a gorgeous girl that was deeply in love with me, who wanted to spend more and more time with me. Yet, something was off and I knew it.

I was living a lie, pretending to be something I was not.

I was making great money, but losing my soul to a corporate job that was demanding more and more of my time, energy, and health – while my side projects were forced to take a backseat.

Hello Relationship Friction & Arguments

Things got dicey when I mentioned the idea of quitting my job to start a business that would allow me to travel the world. Apparently, the image of the successful and stable guy with a great job was part of the package she was looking for in a long-term partner.

The problem with that guy, who looked perfect on paper, was that his very existence created a massive value conflict within me – which manifested as increased anxiety, irritability, and depression. Not good.

If there’s one major takeaway for how to blend the two worlds of an adventurous life and successful intimate relationships, it’s this –

Make sure your damned values are in alignment.

If you crave adventure and freedom, while your partner deeply desires a sense of stability, security, and routine – Things are going to get rocky, sooner or later.


This one is tricky.

These are the guys and gals you have shared some of your best times with including college, parties, support after breakups, getting that first “real” job, road trips, hangovers, and mistakes as you bumble your way forward into some semblance of adulthood.

However, if they know you simply as their good buddy who can drink most people under the table while also being a solid wingman – they’re going to want to keep you in that box. That’s who you were when they met you and that’s the person they are comfortable with.

I remember the time I told a friend of over 10 years that I wasn’t satisfied with hating my life for over 40 hours a week with the only reward being zoning out watching sports and chasing women on the weekends. His response shocked me.

“Dude, everybody feels that way – Nobody likes their job, and that’s just the way things are.”

In short – Fuck that.

I felt a strong sense of defiance and desire to prove that statement as patently false. At the same time, I didn’t want to lose a friend over a disagreement over what was possible in life.

On some level, some of your closest friends will disagree with you making a change that would cause you to take your life to the next level. Its human nature to feel threatened when someone might outgrow us or potentially leave us behind.

As you make bold moves and step up more in your life – people are going to hate – that’s just what people do. It’s more challenging to deal with hate that comes from your peer group, especially as you are in the process of reinventing yourself.

In a strange attempt at a smart analogy, think of yourself as a piece of software. Your friends know you as John or Jane 1.0, and they’re comfortable with that.

Yet, inside of you, if you pay attention is a burning desire to grow into a newer, bolder version – version 2.0– the enhanced, re-launched version of yourself that makes their own rules for life and, more importantly, actually plays by them each and every day.

The funny thing is, the more you stick to your guns and go for what you want, the more respect and acceptance you are likely to get.

Difficult Conversations

I still remember one of the most difficult conversations I’ve had in my adult professional life. I had reached the point of no return. The pain of uncertainty had been surpassed by the pain of staying the same. It was my leverage point – and it’s how I kickstarted my new life.

I could not and would not lie to myself any longer – ignoring the values conflict that was eating me up inside.

I hated my job.

The 6-figure, “impressive title” job that I hustled so hard to land after investing two years of rigorous study in my M.B.A. program was killing me, and I couldn’t hide it anymore.

That day came much sooner than I had expected. After many conversations with family, friends, fellow travelers, and other entrepreneurs, I reached a tipping point with my current status as a Senior-level corporate employee.

My heart was racing and I was totally terrified, but I knew what had to be done. I called an impromptu meeting with my boss, and told him with a growing lump in my throat,

“I’m unhappy, and I don’t think this job and company are ultimately the right fit for me and where I want my life to go.”

Brace for impact.

To my surprise, he took it really well, and of course, had a lot of follow up questions. He even asked what it would take to make me reconsider leaving, what aspects of my job and responsibilities we could negotiate on in order to get me to a better place.

I didn’t see that offer coming, and I almost felt my resolve weaken.

In just about any other circumstance, I’d love to work with a guy like him. Whether in a start-up or some other smaller, more entrepreneurial organization, we’d kick ass together.

However, the time had come to only listen to me – for the first time in years.

I had become unemployable. I’m not cut out for the corporate grind, and no negotiation would take place. I was done. No amount of additional “corporate training,” transferring to another department, promotion, or extra vacation days was going to cut it.

It was time to leap. I followed through, even with shaky resolve, and handed him my letter of resignation.

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How to Quit Your Job and Not Freak Out


Today was a big day. And it came much sooner than I had anticipated. After many conversations with family, friends, fellow travelers, and other entrepreneurs, I reached a tipping point with my current status as a Senior-level corporate employee.

Difficult conversations can change your life

I called an impromptu meeting with my boss, and told him, “Look. I’m unhappy, and I don’t think this job and company are ultimately the right fit for me and my professional and personal goals.” He took it really well, and of course, had a lot of follow up questions. He even asked what it would take to make me reconsider leaving, what aspects of my job and responsibilities we could negotiate on in order to get me to a better place.

What a solid guy.

In just about any other circumstance, I’d love to work with a guy like him. Whether in a start-up or some other smaller, more entrepreneurial organization, we’d kick ass together. However, the long story short is that I’m just not cut out for the corporate grind, and it’s simply time to make a course correction.

Time will tell what will happen with this site, as well as the value that I can provide to other people looking for a better way of making their living, outside of the traditional walls of a 9-5 corporate gig.

Looking forward to having you guys join me on the journey. It should be anything but boring.

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Stop Seeking Permission & Take Big Action


One of the often-overlooked benefits of traveling (and even layovers) is that you get the chance to get completely unplugged from your normal life and the demands that come with it.   Even with WiFi and 4G access in nearly every airport terminal these days, there is something nice about being “off the grid” while traveling, which allows me to focus on the task at hand in ways I seem to fail miserably at in my day-to-day life. I want to take this opportunity to talk about the word permission, and how it can kill your dreams as an entrepreneur and strategic risk-taker on the path to fulfilling your life mission.

The Well-Paved Road = Pleasing Others and Mediocre Results

We’re taught and socialized from a young age to follow the rules, please our parents, get good grades, make the varsity sports team as that’s the best way to get accolades and approval from those around us. Have I been guilty of permission-seeking in my life?   FUCK YES AND IT SUCKED.   While this short-term pleaser mentality has allowed me to remain “comfortable” in living up to the expectations of others, it nearly always leaves me with a gaping hole in my inner self. When I look back at some of the best, most memorable, and growth-inducing experiences of my life, they’ve usually involved decisions that I’ve made for MYSELF, and actively saying “fuck it” to asking permission from others if it was “okay” to pursue my dreams and big, exciting goals.

Some of the things I pursued and made happen in spite of the advice of others:

  • Took up fitness and bodybuilding – Gained 35 lbs of muscle by ignoring people that said I couldn’t fight genetics
  • Forgoing Law School to pick up and move to South America for 4+ years of travel and entrepreneurship
  • DECIDING I was going to attend a top-tier MBA program on scholarship, despite the odds and what well-meaning family members thought was possible
  • Paying off ALL of my student loan debt in under a year by eschewing traditional consumerism and adopting minimalism, all while maintaining a full, rewarding personal life

There is never a PERFECT time to make a change in your life – to go after what makes you truly come alive.

Sure, you don’t need to be impulsive, and developing a strategic plan to get from feeling trapped by obligations to living a life of freedom and adventure is something I wholeheartedly recommend, as it’s worked great for me. The trick is to listen more to the voice that comes from within, as opposed to the hundreds of voices, opinions, and talking heads that surround us. Taking time off from media (including the internet) and meditation definitely helps with getting more in tune with this inner guidance, and you will get better with cultivating it.

The payoff

The more you learn to listen to this inner guidance and act on it, you will gain more and more reference points of success and fulfillment that came about as a result of ignoring the naysayers (permission granters) and consciously giving more attention to what makes YOU come alive. Remember, this will probably be different and nuanced for everyone. That’s why I recommend you stop trying to ask for permission or to get people “on board” with your big desires. Even the most well-intentioned friends and family members simply cannot make this decision for you, because they are not you.

What big, exciting goal makes you come alive, and even a little scared, just thinking about it?

Even if you’ve been scared to admit it to those around you or even yourself, I’d be honored if you shared what you truly want to create in your life with me.

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Are You Unemployable? 5 Reasons Why This is a Good Thing


I’m sitting in a hipster cafe in drizzly Portland Oregon, and I thought it’d be time to reflect with some radical transparency about how the last year of my life has played out.

If you check my story, rife with ups and downs, wins and losses, relationships forged, backstabbing and sometimes shady behavior from collaborators – perhaps you’ll realize a few things.

1) You’re not alone in riding this roller coaster.

2) You’ve likely made more progress than you give yourself credit for.

I’m here to serve as a human guidepost and warning shot on your journey from societal shackles to an ever-expanding sense of autonomy, freedom, and control over the masterpiece of your life.

You’re creating this masterpiece, as unique as your DNA, on a moment-by-moment basis.

Are successful tangible outcomes nice? You bet! But, daily processes and habits built the Great Wall of China and the Pyramids of Egypt – along with some serious sweat equity from the slaves, if we’re calling a spade a spade.

A great wall is built brick by brick.

I’ve shared bits and pieces of my story before, but to give you an idea of where I’m coming from, and the value you’ll get by reading this site, here’s a quick, self-indulgent summary:

  • Reinvented me with an MBA from a prestigious school.
  • I landed a 6-figure corporate job that was driving me insane.
  • I started plotting my escape, by beginning freelance marketing and writing work in my spare time. I was overextended, but the end of corporate shackles was in sight.
  • Turned in the resignation letter, scared shitless but also exhilarated by what was to come.
  • When my final day of corporate employment arrived, a wave of relief, contentment, and excitement to get working on the next phase of my life washed over me.
  • Lots of people close to me disapproved of the new direction I was taking. I didn’t care. I was finally choosing myself.
  • My boss and the HR department casually told me “the door is always open” should I want to come crawling back. This was subtly implying that things would likely not work out for me. Thanks but no thanks, corporate.
  • I left without much of a fail-safe plan, aside from the savings I had managed to accrue, due to living well below my means and aggressively paying down all forms of debt.

The writing was on the wall for me because:

1) I was miserable and running on fumes.

2) There were rumors of a big national competitor coming to town and buying out the company I worked for. I was the canary in the coal mine.

Sure enough, less than a year later, over 1/3 of the company’s entire workforce was laid off – the rumors came true. Now, I didn’t have a crystal ball giving me a perfect glimpse into the future like Biff Tannen in Back to the Future.

No. Rather, I created this certainty within myself first, as the battle is won inside your own mind before you’ll see it in reality. I decided to trust and invest in myself above all else. Burned the ships.

Some of my most trusted advisors and partners in this journey call this decision to on bet on and invest in your new skillset as Job Security 2.0.

Funnily enough, I feel more certain, secure and in control now than I ever did suckling from the corporate teat. I was trading my dwindling hours on planet Earth in exchange for a bi-weekly cash infusion. No mas.

Invest in yourself, ladies and gentlemen.

In the new economy, this no longer looks like long tenure and promotions, 60 hour work weeks impressing an overbearing boss, gold stars on the resume, title bumps and 3% annual raises.

The idea of linear fashion progression towards the corner office, stock options, an ever-growing 401k and keys to the executive washroom has gone the way of the dodo. Seriously, it’s dead.

No., You now must invest in yourself as it’s the only secure bet left to make, in this ever-changing 21st-century economy. The rules, players, skill-sets, technology, markets, and competition are all shifting and evolving faster than ever.

Corporations are not People


When I heard this sound bite a few years ago, I vomited a little in my mouth.

This is no political rant meant to rally the troops.  But I will invite you to notice that corporations have actually never had your best interest at heart. You’ve been handed an illusion of security – as long as the company can leverage your talent to bring in more dollars than they decide to pay you.

If I met a person that had the morality and personality of a corporation, I’d probably punch them square in the mouth and erase their phone number.


You understand where I’m coming from now, right? This is why I type until my fingers go numb that you must get off your ass right now. Double down on investing in yourself, building relationships with others that have seen the writing on the wall and get to work building your 21st-century skillset.

If you’re still working for a company, I encourage you to create your own golden parachute on company time.

Morals, you cry?

Where are the morals when mass layoffs and a crashing economy occur every 10 – 15 years? Besides, how much time do you actually spend doing actual work at your job? How much of it is bullshit, just running out the clock until you can slink out the door at 4:55 pm?

And, if you need even more tangible reasons that it’s time to cut your losses and proudly wear your unemployable status as a badge of 21st-century bravado, here are just a few:

  1. Your intellectual property belongs to the company, not you.
  2. Anything you develop – projects, ideas, clients, patents, etc. – you have to leave behind.
  3. Your best hours, energy and creativity are being sold (for pennies on the dollar) to your employer, each day you shrink away from the challenge of starting your own venture or project tube8.
  4. Job security – where does this exist? Take your head out of the sand and realize it’s a mirage.

The Blank Canvas Awaits

We all start with the same blank canvas and near-infinite possibilities to reinvent ourselves. The playing field has indeed been leveled in recent history.

No longer is the requisite Ivy League (or even state-school 4-year degree) your ticket to the good life – or even any life at all.

I’m not here to debate the merits of taking on massive amounts of debt to kowtow to the existing, and increasingly irrelevant Higher Education, Inc. most of us in the Western World have come to become uncomfortably intertwined with.

I see more and more good, well-meaning, ambitious, free-thinking, self-motivated people get gobbled up and spit out by this machine of institutionalized learning that feeds on souls and % of paychecks for the next 20 years.

So, what should you do instead?

It’s time to stop taking this shit sandwich you’ve been handed lying down, that’s what. It’s time to chart your own course.

Is it scary, painful and overwhelming?


Does it beat languishing in a scenario where your fate is dictated by upper management and shareholders that could give a damn about what you’re good at?


Does your “five-year plan” mean anything to your employer?

Probably not, unless it involves you gaining experience that will make them 10x what they’re paying you.

What about your desire to make a lasting impact on society and those around you via your legacy?

I think the answer is obvious.

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Searching The Internet for the Hongkong Pools


The year is coming to an end, and many people are already looking for the best way to wrap the year successfully. They want to make something out of this year before celebrating a new year. If you the best way to make money this year, you are on the right site as this is where you will learn about data HK. The Hong Kong renowned gambling platform is where you will get an opportunity to make easy money.

Learning more about the best Hongkong gambling platform

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Some things you need to know about HK gambling

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  1. Easy game selection in a large variety
  2. Many banking options with assured security
  3. Favorable gambling policy and support.

Factors to note about gambling in HK

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You will discover more ways to enjoy fun and entertainment in a great and amazing manner. You will find out the easier way to make money-playing some of the games you love most on the internet as you read to the end of this article.

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Sequel of Jumanji Original which is Forgotten

Zathura is based upon a photo book by Chris Van Allsburg from the exact same call. The writer from this American children’s book is the developer of The Polar Specific and… Jumanji. As a matter of fact, Zathura is a publication that he composed particularly as a sequel to his very popular photo book, Jumanji released in 1981. And both publications are straight linked.


At completion from guide variation from Jumanji, the primary personalities, Peter and Judy Shepherd dispose of the Jumanji parlor game. However, their next-door neighbors, Walter and Danny, discovered this. The variation from Zathura’s book started with both siblings discovering Jumanji. Not interested, they likewise discovered a space-themed video game at the end of the Jumanji box.

However, there‘s some argument regarding the degree to which movie adjustment can be thought about an initial sequel to Jumanji. The argument happened because the movie complies with the story from a guide, however, it never ever mentions ‘Jumanji’. There‘s not also a straight recommendation to the 1995 movie.

The supervisor Jon Favreau confessed that the movie has the exact same style. However, the star Pleased Hogan in the Wonder Motion picture World thinks about that Zathura is not a sequel to Jumanji.


” Both share great occasions that arise from a video game. ” However similarly, Zathura has an extremely various level of sensitivity, a various personality and happens beyond the nation, ” he discussed when spoke with by San Diego.
Sequel to Jumanji, Sony said

However, Sony is advertising Zathura as a component of the Jumanji franchise business. They also polished posters to consist of recommendations to the initial movie, so audiences might recognize the connection between both. The main trailer also discusses that this movie is ” A brand-new experience from the globe from Jumanji. ”

The movie concentrates on 2 brothers or sisters that frequently quarrel, specifically Walter (Josh Hutccherson) and Danny, creative six-year-old kids. They just lived with their 3 siblings (played by Kristen Stewart!) When their dad left.

Danny discovered the video game board and lastly, the dice were tossed unintentionally. The very first card mentions meteors. After that, some fireballs strike their home. Soon afterward, they likewise recognize that they‘re in deep space.

It‘s regrettable exactly how Zathura appeared to vanish from the globe from Jumanji. Zathura: A Area Experience has also been transmitted a number of times on personal tv in the nation. Rather amusing, and handled to integrate activity and area experience. In addition to the enjoyable spin at completion from the tale.

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Improving your Credit Rating


So I was jogging two Mondays ago in the park wearing my new Asics Gel Nimbus running shoes when I got a call from a friend of mine was lamenting the fact that they applied for a loan and was turned down because their credit rating was poor. So I listened and when it was my turn to speak I gave them the following advice.

Your credit rating can be not what it should be for various reasons including submitting incorrect information, failing to pay credit card debt or utility bills on time due to redundancy or illness, and not having borrowed money before. Yes strangely enough if you do not borrow you will not have any credit rating.

Don’t submit any incorrect information about yourself. Check your credit rating info regularly. You will likely have to pay about £2 to one of the main credit reporting agencies to get a report. You will get a chance to take a look at your credit file which is usually held by Experian or Equifax. Both of these credit reference agencies are the largest in the UK.

Check to see if you are on the electoral register list which is used by king 4d.

Try to pay all your bills on time and make sure that your family does the same. Any negative report about your family members can affect the lending decision when you are applying for credit.

Don’t send a series of the application once your application is turned down. Everything will appear on your file and it will look like you are kind of desperate for money or you are trying to do something illegal.

If you are not related to your family anymore, request your agency to make separate files.

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What’s The Point Of Banging On About The Sun?

What The Point Of Banging On About The Sun

Ah at last Autumn is here. Not that it has been a bad summer I suppose, what with the Olympics and all, but I do think that on the whole, I prefer autumn. For one thing in Britain, we are actually more likely to see the sun in the Autumn. Not that I’m particularly bothered about seeing the sun in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t mind a bit of sun, I just think that we bang on about it too much. Yes, it’s all very nice when it’s shinning, as long as it doesn’t get stifling that is, in which case it’s a bloody arse ache. What I really dislike though is not the sun itself, but the way in which the British go on and on about how they are going to get some of it.


Yes everyone just loves to blather on about how they hate it in blighty because it’s so cold and miserable all the time and how they are going to chuck it all in and get on a plane to somewhere more sunny, where they can sit on a beach all day, drinking beer and waving their premium credit card about like a wand. And then what? What precisely are you all going to do when you leave the beach? My experience with hot sunny beaches in hot sunny climes is that there is bugger all else to do in these places but sit on the beach. Perth in Western Australian, for instance, has got a lot of suns and a lot of beaches, but precious little else that would encourage any civilized person to stay there for any length of time. The locals are so pleased with the fact that they have so much sun and so many beaches, that they seem completely unconcerned that their city has nothing else to offer but an extremely large shopping center. I didn’t really like Perth.

No London may be cold and wet sometimes, although never as cold and wet as the British like to think it is, but it has so much else and it is those things that make life worth living. So let’s appreciate what we have got and stop worrying about things, like the sun, that we don’t have.

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Why Does Nobody Care?


I have had a huge awakening in my life recently, and it seems like I see everything in a completely different way, but when I try and share my thoughts, feelings, and concerns with people they are either totally disinterested or they think that I am a nuisance for being different from the rest of them.

I am talking about the huge disregard for all forms of life that goes on each day on this planet, by man.


I have recently become a vegan, after seeing a number of documentaries and films on the subject of animal cruelty, and it has made me completely change my ways, instantly. Now I was always a meat-eater, and my wife has been a vegetarian since I met her, but when we began to look into the cruelty that is involved in meat and dairy production, we both became vegans immediately.

Now I don’t expect everybody else to change their ways just because I have, but I would expect people to be respectful of my decisions; especially those that are supposed to care about me.

It has since occurred to me that meat-eating seems to be a macho thing for men, and it is a very alpha male thing to make fun of anybody who doesn’t eat a big steak! What is an alpha male? Well, it is a male who is trying to establish himself as the leader among others. This usually involves proving his superior strength and physical prowess. Now for some reason, everyone is under the impression that eating the most amount of meat possible and being involved in animal cruelty is a macho thing to do and they seem to be proud of themselves for doing so. I think it is pathetic, and want absolutely nothing to do with it. I would prefer to show what a good person I am by causing the least amount of harm to others, but hey, I must be the crazy one right?