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I Just Care Too Much


maskWhy people never listen, why they never meet your expectations and never keep their promise. I am really starting to lose it guys, I am telling you. Currently, I am organizing an origami workshop for kids and for the past week I have been banging my head to come up with an original idea, which will keep all kids entertained and make them happy. Yes, you can say that I am pretty devoted to the cause, but there is one slight problem. It appears to me that no one else is. I cannot do everything myself and I actually depend on several people, people who definitely care less than me. Some of them are alright, but others are likeā€¦ yeah, whatever I cannot be bothered. And as I have a small budget, I have to sacrifice a lot. I do things in my spare time, I had to go to several shops and buy origami paper, paper wire, tin packaging, pencils, scissors, and whatnot. I do things that have nothing to do with my current position in the company, and so on. I guess that the whole problem comes from the fact that I care too much. I simply want everything to be perfect so each and every youngster can remember this day with a smile. Anyhow, the worst thing is that some people are having a pretty hard time following orders and remembering things. I have to repeat the same thing many times until everyone gets what they have to do. Oh my, I just hope that everything ends well. I will write to you in one week’s time to let you know how it went.

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