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Relationships Take Dedication and Hard Work


woman-sitting-at-kitchen-tableIt can be a very difficult thing, to try and work out the best way of how to get your ex-boyfriend back. It really does depend on the individual situation, and in particular, whether you finished it with him or visa Versa, whether there was any cheating involved, and how things were left between you. One thing is for sure though, it is never a good idea to play games and mess around if you are serious about getting him back. I learned this the hard way…

Instead of sitting about feeling sorry for yourself, whilst flipping through kitchen catalogs looking at toasters and microwaves, why not read on…. and brush up on your relationship skills.

If you were to blame for the breakup, then you should expect to do some groveling in order to make him realize how sorry you are and to make him feel like he wants you back. If it was mainly his fault, then you need to let him know that you have found a way to forgive him, and you can move on. One thing is for sure, the time you have spent apart from each other will make it easier for you both to re-assess your relationship. If you both feel the same way about each other then things should work out.

Make sure that you don’t leave things up to chance. Whatever the situation, you need to take control and make the first move. Waiting for him to do so could be a bad idea, as you are giving him control. If he knows that you want him back then he may just wait and wait, whilst he enjoys being single for a while. This is not fair on you, and you shouldn’t let it happen. If you want to get your ex back then you should instigate the process and talk to him. Straightforward and honest is the only way to go with this. You know you better than anyone how to get your to ex back as you know what makes him tick but don’t wait around for too long whatever you decide to do, as his mind may start to wander elsewhere like us.

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