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What’s The Point Of Banging On About The Sun?

What The Point Of Banging On About The Sun

Ah at last Autumn is here. Not that it has been a bad summer I suppose, what with the Olympics and all, but I do think that on the whole, I prefer autumn. For one thing in Britain, we are actually more likely to see the sun in the Autumn. Not that I’m particularly bothered about seeing the sun in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t mind a bit of sun, I just think that we bang on about it too much. Yes, it’s all very nice when it’s shinning, as long as it doesn’t get stifling that is, in which case it’s a bloody arse ache. What I really dislike though is not the sun itself, but the way in which the British go on and on about how they are going to get some of it.


Yes everyone just loves to blather on about how they hate it in blighty because it’s so cold and miserable all the time and how they are going to chuck it all in and get on a plane to somewhere more sunny, where they can sit on a beach all day, drinking beer and waving their premium credit card about like a wand. And then what? What precisely are you all going to do when you leave the beach? My experience with hot sunny beaches in hot sunny climes is that there is bugger all else to do in these places but sit on the beach. Perth in Western Australian, for instance, has got a lot of suns and a lot of beaches, but precious little else that would encourage any civilized person to stay there for any length of time. The locals are so pleased with the fact that they have so much sun and so many beaches, that they seem completely unconcerned that their city has nothing else to offer but an extremely large shopping center. I didn’t really like Perth.

No London may be cold and wet sometimes, although never as cold and wet as the British like to think it is, but it has so much else and it is those things that make life worth living. So let’s appreciate what we have got and stop worrying about things, like the sun, that we don’t have.

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