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Why Does Nobody Care?


I have had a huge awakening in my life recently, and it seems like I see everything in a completely different way, but when I try and share my thoughts, feelings, and concerns with people they are either totally disinterested or they think that I am a nuisance for being different from the rest of them.

I am talking about the huge disregard for all forms of life that goes on each day on this planet, by man.


I have recently become a vegan, after seeing a number of documentaries and films on the subject of animal cruelty, and it has made me completely change my ways, instantly. Now I was always a meat-eater, and my wife has been a vegetarian since I met her, but when we began to look into the cruelty that is involved in meat and dairy production, we both became vegans immediately.

Now I don’t expect everybody else to change their ways just because I have, but I would expect people to be respectful of my decisions; especially those that are supposed to care about me.

It has since occurred to me that meat-eating seems to be a macho thing for men, and it is a very alpha male thing to make fun of anybody who doesn’t eat a big steak! What is an alpha male? Well, it is a male who is trying to establish himself as the leader among others. This usually involves proving his superior strength and physical prowess. Now for some reason, everyone is under the impression that eating the most amount of meat possible and being involved in animal cruelty is a macho thing to do and they seem to be proud of themselves for doing so. I think it is pathetic, and want absolutely nothing to do with it. I would prefer to show what a good person I am by causing the least amount of harm to others, but hey, I must be the crazy one right?

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