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How to Quit Your Job and Not Freak Out


Today was a big day. And it came much sooner than I had anticipated. After many conversations with family, friends, fellow travelers, and other entrepreneurs, I reached a tipping point with my current status as a Senior-level corporate employee.

Difficult conversations can change your life

I called an impromptu meeting with my boss, and told him, “Look. I’m unhappy, and I don’t think this job and company are ultimately the right fit for me and my professional and personal goals.” He took it really well, and of course, had a lot of follow up questions. He even asked what it would take to make me reconsider leaving, what aspects of my job and responsibilities we could negotiate on in order to get me to a better place.

What a solid guy.

In just about any other circumstance, I’d love to work with a guy like him. Whether in a start-up or some other smaller, more entrepreneurial organization, we’d kick ass together. However, the long story short is that I’m just not cut out for the corporate grind, and it’s simply time to make a course correction.

Time will tell what will happen with this site, as well as the value that I can provide to other people looking for a better way of making their living, outside of the traditional walls of a 9-5 corporate gig.

Looking forward to having you guys join me on the journey. It should be anything but boring.

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