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The Difference of Real Love and Just Amazed


Regarding love, truly falling in love or just being interested and just being impressed is quite difficult to distinguish. Feelings of attraction and admiration are feelings of fondness for someone passionately. This feeling is very similar to the feeling of love. Although the two are similar, both have significant differences.

A psychologist said, “Being in love or just being amazed for a moment is very similar. Many people cannot tell the difference. ”

Real Difference in Falling in Love and being Amazed


When interested or impressed with someone, we will be very crazy about it. We will continue to imagine his figure. This condition will also be felt when we fall in love. However, there is a difference between just being interested and real love.

Regarding feelings of attraction, this will make someone obsessed with having someone they like. Feelings of attraction usually occur to anyone, including people we don’t know well. Feelings of attraction arise when we know the goodness of the figure alone. We can feel very fond of someone we might not know or know before.

As for true love, we will like someone for who he is. We also know the person well. We will fall in love with someone even though we know very well how good and bad that person is. Falling in love is a form of acceptance and appreciation in our hearts for him who keeps feeling thumping.

Love is a deeper, stronger, more accepting, and greater feeling. Love symbolizes the connection that views the person as a whole. Besides being attracted, there is also a feeling of caring, appreciating, and loving.