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Complaints of a Whiner


Envy, it’s not an uncommon emotion to have. I’m sure you’ve felt it at one point this month. Come on you’re not a saint. I’m honest enough to admit I feel it most days. It can overcome me in a variety of ways. I might be watching TV and see some talentless nonentity presenting a program or being handed an undeserved award. What goes through my mind after relentlessly mocking them is imagining myself in the same position and knowing I could do an infinitely better job of it. I might be browsing a newspaper website’s opinion page and notice how poor some of the supposed ‘polemics’ are being argued. I make clear my strong opinions on the matter via the comments section underneath, albeit using a pseudonym.

Complaints of a whiner

What really gets my goat though is what takes place at my workplace. I’ve been in my job for nearly four years now and unfortunately, I got in at the wrong time, just as the financial crisis hit. The person I was replacing had been on a certain salary, which I was fully qualified for, but my employers (for what I can only assume were budgetary reasons) altered the job title and cut £5,000 off the annual wage. I had hoped this was only a temporary measure but several years on and another staff member gone and I’m still in the same boat. There’s only six of us in our department but I’m on an hourly pay rate similar to the youngest staff member. My dentist continually asks how my molars are so worn away, I lie to him but the real reason is that they’re grinding and gnashing away as I look on in envy at some of my colleagues. On a wage that I should be on they go about their daily work in a manner, I would sum up as SLACKING!!!

Lazy people who just arse around the office for more money then most of us, just really get my goat! What makes them so special?

Always on them, as they fail to pass on important details to customers, e.g. regulations we expect clients to abide by. Then there’s the way they put to personal use printer paper meant solely for customers, their ease when it comes to customer service, etc. I could go on and on. I know they’re aware of my low opinion of them, which explains their hesitant interaction with me…OK basically non-existent interaction with me. I don’t care, I’m patient. I’ll outlast the lot of them all and get a wage at this company that matches up to my skills and my opinion of myself, which is quite substantial I have to say.